Philip Hind is a Certified Life Coach and author of the non-fiction book Trouble at the Border, due to be published in 2011.

In the 1960s, Phil traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Japan and overland across Asia to Europe. As a young judo player in Tokyo he entered a Zen Buddhist temple. The experience inspired a passion for clarity and a quest for the best of what it means to be a man, a husband and a parent, and to be free on the earth with respect for every living thing.

Phil settled on Hornby Island, on the east coast of Vancouver Island, where he built a home on ten acres of land and found joy in being a father. His life path has been a remarkable combination of spiritual growth and work as a carpenter, a road foreman, a fisherman, a sports coach, a life coach and a writer. Exploring the harmony of body, mind and spirit on the earth, Phil became a marathoner and a private pilot. 
Phil's life has always been about people. In his love of work, of heart, of learning, of dreams, of architecture, of literature and of writing, the people involved have always been the source of his inspiration.

Phil has a compelling desire to contribute in the most meaningful way possible. He found joy in empowering others through teaching kid's judo and women's self-defense, and coaching junior basketball and tennis. Phil observed that when players developed a better sense of themselves on the tennis court they had more fun and as a result played better; wheelchair athletes had a burning determination and were not willing to be defined by their physical limitations. The increased confidence and composure gained by players carried over into their daily lives.

Phil’s journey to explore human potential led to Studies at the Academy for Coaching Excellence in Sacramento, California. There he entered into a rigorous courses of self-development studying under Dr. Maria Nemeth, author of “The Energy of Money.” His work at the Academy explored the questions:

  • What is it that calls us to be the best that we can be?
  • How do we bring a deep sense of purpose to our own lives?
  • How do we make a meaningful contribution to the people we share life with?

Phil began writing “Trouble at the Border,” when his wife Heidi, a U.S. citizen, was denied entry into Canada. The theme of the story is that underneath “trouble” is a gift; a lesson to be learned, and facing the truth provides an opportunity for growth of consciousness. Phil and Heidi's journey is the classic “hero’s journey” through fear and heartache into the power of love. The courage to grow in the unknown, the challenge of finding grace in chaos, resulted in Phil’s determination to live a life rich in giving and supporting others to go beyond their own borders.
Phil coaches and writes in Salem, Oregon,  where he and Heidi make their home.  He has three daughters and three grandchildren in Canada and England. 

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Professional Coach, Writer & Speaker in Salem, Oregon.