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Trouble at the Border

Trouble at The Border is the story of a “fall to earth” and the discovery that underneath “trouble,” there is a gift. The author Philip Hind and Heidi Gates caught a glimpse of the truth and divine order in chaos when they were turned back at the Canadian border.

In turns stimulated by the heart beat of America and blocked by his own demons, the alien Canadian is inspired to write about the men and women he meets every day. Allison of Court and High, the Coyote Christ and Russell the Conqueror are his teachers. On a mountain top in Alaska, he sees his friend who is waiting deployment to Iraq as a Soldier of Light. He hears from a “wash-out man,” in Alaska, a native spiritual leader who speaks out on his vision before the white men drew lines across the country.

This is the story of a man separated from his country and family and how he opens up his heart. He explores his destiny as a loving partner, a father, a friend, and finds his ground as a spiritual man. He is awakened to the possibility of life beyond borders, not only the arbitrary borders of men, but all the borders that need to be crossed on life’s journey. 

Phil Hind gathers his power in the mountains, finds the heart of the people, and searches for the wild mustangs in the high desert country of the Great Basin. He discovers that rivers and mountains and humans have their own laws. The migrating salmon, whales and geese have their own rhythms, the desert its own song. Beyond self-imposed borders lies the wild in our nature, a beautiful North America, a wide world of dreams, a people who love courage and freedom and whose nature is quiet and beautiful and full of laughter.


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