Personal Coaching

What is Coaching?

The coaching metaphor is perfect for this work.

As your coach I help you to do your personal best.

The results of coaching are seen in the actions taken that move you forward in life.

You may have been stopped in the past in something you wanted to do. Coaching can take you further than you’ve dared to go.

Coaching is creating a powerful partnership with you in the areas of

  • Physical Vitality-create a happy partnership with your body
  • Relationship (Support)
  • A powerful relationship with money
  • Creativity
  • Enjoyment
  • Time - Your own time and time with your friends and family

The mission of Border Coaching is to work in the area of transition with men and women in a powerful, compassionate way; to see them living their dreams and happy in body, mind and spirit-to see them land on their personal moons.

Transitions- career change, starting a new business, rebuilding life after divorce or separation, living with the loss of a loved one, writing a book, becoming an artist or healer.

In the coaching partnership you will identify core strengths and values, develop strategies and solutions. You will set forces in motion that will see you working in an area that you love, creating meaning in your experiences, being appreciated and living in conscious loving relationship with the people around you.

Confidentiality, safety and respect are guaranteed.

Philip Hind

Coaching Stories

Mark Twain


The Carousel Horse

Professional Coach, Writer & Speaker in Salem, Oregon.