Organizational Coaching

1) Career transition

2) Build a brand around things you love to do.

What if we were to make a shift, and drop the heavy vocabulary of accountability, responsibility and procrastination?
Replace with – “It’s a privilege to do what we do.”

3) Create vision & mission statements, establish core values, & strategic goals.

4) Employee development: What can I expect?

For starters – less mix-ups, less re-work, and fewer sick days. A happy employee is focused and engaged.

Result – employee is more productive, effective and able to provide outstanding customer service.

Is the following scenario energizing or frightening?

"Imagine an organization full of people who come to work enthusiastically, knowing that they will grow and flourish, and intent on fulfilling the vision and goals of the larger organization. There’s an ease, grace, and effortlessness about the way they get things done. Work flows seamlessly among teams and functions. People take pleasure and pride in every aspect of the enterprise – for example, in the way they can talk openly, reflect on each others' opinions, and have genuine influence on the structures around them. That’s a lot of energy walking in each day, accomplishing an ever-increasing amount of work and having fun along the way.”

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